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Asset | Econometrics is the association for students in Econometrics &
Operations Research at Tilburg University. Econometrics & Operations
Research is a study program which focuses on mathematical and
statistical models for problems in economics and business, and
developing methods to solve them. Asset | Econometrics was founded
in 1979 and is therefore the oldest association connected to the Tilburg
School of Economics and Management (TiSEM). The association has
approximately 750 members, of which 130 are active in several
committees. With both formal and informal activities,
Asset | Econometrics connects econometrics students with interesting
businesses. Examples of our formal events are the Actuary Day, the
Econometrics in Practice Day, the Business Dinner, the International
Business Tour, the Orientation and Connection Day and the Consultancy

Furthermore, Asset | Econometrics is part of the Landelijk Orgaan
der Econometrische Studieverenigingen (LOES), the national body for
econometric study associations. Together with the other econometric
study associations we organize the National Econometricians Sports
Tournament and the annual National Econometricians Day (abbreviated
as LED).
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