About Nekst

The Nekst is the semi-scientific magazine of study association Asset | Econometrics. The goal of the Nekst is to inform the econometrics students about all relevant developments and possibilities in the working field and the study association. Asset | Econometrics has printed its magazine since 1992, with four editions per year and a circulation of approximately 1050 per edition.
In the Nekst, there are several scientific articles, stories of events of Asset | Econometrics, company interviews and many other articles that are connected to econometrics. Our articles are also published online on our website, and shared with our members on Facebook. 

Within Asset | Econometrics, there is one committee responsible: the Nekst committee. They make reports about activities organized by Asset | Econometrics, publishes interviews with interesting econometricians and informs you on current affairs at the university, the association and the study Econometrics & Operations Research. In addition, every edition of the Nekst contains some (semi-)scientific articles and a few recurring articles, like the columns written by professors of the university, Triangle, and The Practical Report.

The Nekst committee is responsible for finding interesting items to publish in every edition and making sure the content and lay-out is perfect down to the last detail. The members of the Nekst committee also visit companies to write articles about them, or interview lectures for The Teacher rubric. In the academic year 2022-2023, Laurentien Diephorst is the editor in Chief of the Nekst, with Sara Darwinkel on her side as Designer.