About Nekst-Online

Next to our magazine, we also have a website for our association’s Magazine Nekst. On this website, many articles will be published, such as the interviews and scientific articles. Partners that advertise in the Nekst will be shown with their logo on the website. To distinct our website from other websites, we also place exclusive articles that are interesting for econometricians. 

Currently, the website of the Nekst, is called Nekst-Online. The website is managed by Timo Klabbers. They are responsible for publishing the content made by the Nekst committee and making sure that the website stays up to date. Furthermore, they also make sure that the website has a nice outlook and is of reasonable speed. Secretary of Asset | Econometrics, Juliette Tillie, is also part of the team. She makes sure that the website corresponds with the view of Asset | Econometrics.