Puzzle Nekst 3 2017-2018

Puzzle Nekst 3 2017-2018

With spring just around the corner, imagine yourself finally again enjoying the sun outside. A lovely picture, but there is just one thing missing: another challenging Nekst puzzle! In case the cold weather stays for just a little longer, there is even a second puzzle this edition.

1. Squares and rectangles
The aim of this puzzle is to divide the 10 by 15 square below into smaller rectangular and square compartments. The numbers depicted in the puzzle indicate how large the compartments must be. Every number needs to be assigned its own compartment, these compartments need to be non-overlapping, either square or rectangle, and consist of exactly the number of boxes as the number indicates.


2. Golf
The following puzzle is derived from the game of golf. Every ball needs to end up in a different hole , quite rudimentary until here. The number depicted on the balls indicate how long the first shot of this ball needs to be, measured in boxes. A shot can only be in a horizontal or vertical line. If the ball does not end up in a hole in this shot a second shot needs to be taken, every shot needs to be one smaller than the last one. So if a ball starts with a 4, and can not end up in a hole in the first shot, the next shot needs to be 3 boxes long, then 2 etc. These follow-up shots can be in the same direction as the shots before, but also in any other direction. The deadly enemy of any good golf shot is the bunker , shots can therefore not end up in bunkers however they can be shot over them.Knipsel5

Can you figure out the answer to both puzzles?
Please enter your solutions at www.Nekst-Online.nl/Puzzle. A crate of beer or a delicious pie, whichever the winner prefers, will be waiting for whoever has sent the best (partial) solutions. Please note that, as before, every recipient of this magazine is eligible to send in their solutions, so members of the department are invited to participate as well.