Puzzle NEKST 2

Black Box is an abstract board game, which simulates shooting rays into a black box to deduce the locations of “atoms” hidden inside.

The object of the game is to discover the location of the atoms.  A beam is “fired” into one of these positions and the result is used to help deduce the location of a known number of hidden atoms. The result of the beam is to be found in the outer ring of the puzzle and is either a number, an H or an R.

Do you want to know more about this game? See this research.


H -> You hit an atom -> A direct impact on an atom by a ray 

R -> Reflection  -> If a beam comes back at the same place, it’s called a reflection. If an atom is at the edge of the grid, any ray which is aimed into the grid directly beside it causes a reflection. In a situation shown the beam gets deflected twice and returns to the base. In this case there is also an R written.

Number -> a beam enters the grid and leaves it at the same number somewhere else on the outer ring. When a beam enters the grid and does not actually hit an atom but passes the atom directly the beam gets deflected. The angle of deflection for this ray/atom interaction is 90 degrees.





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