Kick-starting your career with EBT

As an econometrician, you are wanted. With its academic excellence, Tilburg University delivers loads of students, such as yourself, to the job market where companies stand in line to hire you. This is, of course, an enormous luxurious position in today’s world and it must be comforting for you to know. But you are also just humans and, as we all know, luxury tends to make people lazy. With this I do not want to imply you being lazy, but there is a lesson here. It can make students more reactive than proactive and where this might work during your studies, it definitely does not work if you want that career you have been dreaming of. The Economic Business weeks Tilburg provides you with all the tools to link those dreams to the ‘real world’, the world after your studies. From the 13th up and until the 23rd of April a great variety of activities will be organized in order to prepare you today, so you can stand out tomorrow.

First question arising from all this is: you are wanted by companies, but do you know which company you want to work in? Loads of graduates do not really know where they want to work or do not have the right view of the industry they want to work in. It is therefore of the highest importance for you to focus on your career during your studies. Therefore, I will firstly highlight the second week of the EBT for you. During this week over forty companies will come to our campus to get in touch with you, talented student. Since you have an excellent position in the job market, most of those forty companies told us they are interested in meeting you, student Econometrics. Are you interested in a job in consultancy? Visit the workshops of Accenture, BCG, Deloitte Consultancy or Roland Berger or discover your opportunities in a thirty minute one-on-one conversation with Gupta Strategists or SeederDeBoer. Do you see yourself working in the banking sector? Subscribe now for a 30-minute conversation with the recruiters of ABN AMRO, De Nederlandsche Bank or ING. Quite a few of you will also end up at one of the large pension funds in the Netherlands. Join workshops of APG or MN to feel what it is like to work in that sector. All the companies mentioned, will also give a 45 minute Company Presentation to give you the opportunity to orientate yourself and ask your first questions to the companies. One company I would like to highlight is Anago, as they solely are interested in you. If you are not looking for a career in the set paths, you should definitely pay attention. Anago is a small software company located in Den Bosch specialized in creating smart planning solutions for Resource Management. They offer you a chance to get a glimpse inside their work on the 14th of April. During our InBrabant Day, they will open their doors with a special program all set up for you.

Hopefully you will have an idea of where you would like to end up after your studies. However, to be able to stand out among your peers, you have to be prepared for the application process extremely well. The first week of the EBT offers you all the tools needed to prepare yourself in the best way possible. Here, our main focus will be on personal development and preparing you for the first steps into the job market. On our Assessment Day (April 15th) you will be trained by professionals in the world of assessments in order to increase your confidence during application procedures for that internship or job you are interested in. Our Personal Development Day on the 16th of April provides you with all the tools to develop yourself more and on different levels than the regular academic ones.

This all is, of course, just a small set of all the activities provided for you in April. Do you want to learn more about for example our CV checks, the Asset Conference or the Case Day with KPN? Visit our website: One thing is definite, if you are looking for the perfect kick-start into your career, start connecting and subscribe now! The subscription deadline is on the 12th of March. See you in April!

Text by: Jelle van ‘t Ooster