Puzzel Nekst 3

The ski trip this year was in Saalbach. In a certain area of Saalbach the piste numbers have disappeared from the map. Of five students, it is known what they have skied. With this information you can fill in this map again.

The following rules apply:

  • Each track with a figure must be numbered. Each figure has a unique number.
  • The numbers in the series have the color of the track: blue, red, black, orange.
  • Of the lifts it is known which type of lift has been taken. For gondolas with a G, for chairlifts with an L and the number of seats (eg L8). Tow lifts have not been taken.
  • This map is an edited form of the map of Saalbach. Fill it in in this NEKST or download the full-resolution map at Nekst-Online.nl.
  • When there is a * behind the piste number, it means the person only skied a short part of the piste.