Puzzle 3 Nekst 2022-2023


    1 An introduced species that harms the biodiversity of an environment. 

    7 This ecosystem covers less than 10% of earth’s surface, but contains about 90% of its species. 

    9 First man to use the term Biological Diversity.. 

    11 This environment is lost three times faster in percentage terms than forests. 

    12 National Biodiversity center in the Netherlands 

    14 When animals can no longer do this with each other, they are a different species. 

    17 First animal to be close to extinction, but is saved. 19 The continent with the largest variety of animals. 20 Every year, as much forest as the size of this country is lost.


    2 The attraction in the Efteling about biodiversity.

    3 From this particular species of rhino there are only two left. 

    4 This species was removed from the endangered species list in 2020 thanks to conservation efforts. 

    5 This tool is used by WWF to predict deforestation. 

    6 Asset | Econometrics’ partner who strives to safeguard the natural world. 

    8 This is the biggest driver of biodiversity loss. 

    10 The main characters of the movie Ice Age that have gone extinct. 

    13 United Nations program for biodiversity. 

    15 This colorr is given to endangered species. 16 The most biodiverse country in the world 

    18 This kingdom of species provides 60% of all  medicine.