Puzzle 1 2022-2023

Oh no! The treasurer of Asset | Econometrics, Matthijs Kroesen, has been kidnapped and we need your help. The unknown kidnappers are holding him for ransom. We have intercepted a message that seems to be encoded. We need your help! Please help us decode the message to find out who kidnapped him and where he is held captive.

We already know that they are located near an airport, because our correspondent heard an airplane taking off during the phone call with the kidnappers. To help you we have given you the last letter he wrote before his disappearance. 

Dear Asset,

I am running a bit late and cannot make it to the meeting.
Best regards,

The treasurer

Encoded message:

Catp tqrdoeq

O ntva ujskprujtrafy haaj docjtllac. O ntva ajekcac rnoq gaqqtia rk gtda qupa or qtsafy ftjcq ojrk ykup ntjcq. O ck jkr djkw wnapa o tg hur o wkda ul oj qkga qkpr ks qrkptia steofory. Or oq ojepacohfy ekfc tjc rnapa oq vapy forrfa ctyfoinr. Kurqoca ks rna wojckw rnapa oq t hoi qoij kj rkl ks tjkrnap huofcoji rntr qlaffq AJTQ. Rnapa ckaq jkr qaag rk ha guen qaeupory, qk hpatdoji ga kur woff ha atqy, tq fkji tq yku sojc ga.

Haqr paitpcq, 

Decryption key:


Encryption key:


kidnapped me

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