So you think you know your teachers?

After some mathematical brainteasers about coconuts and banknotes, it is now time for something different. This new puzzle, which is provided to you by Arthur van Soest, tests your knowledge about your teachers and other important faculty members. Hence, visiting lectures might have an extra bonus, for maybe you will win a pie or a crate of beer!

If your solutions are correct, the grey column gives an econometric term. To help you a bit, some squares have numbers. Different squares with numbers have the same number if and only if they have the same letter. Please send your solution to before June 7, 2013. A crate of beer or a delicious pie, whichever the winner prefers, will be waiting for whoever has the best (partial) solution! Good luck!

1. Faculty member of a famous Dutch free style swimmer?

2. Faculty member named after a big brown French animal?

3. If you take his name literally he must have moved recently.

4. He has visionary ideas on economic policy although his name sounds as if something is troubling his vision.

5. In French he is not so colorful.

6. Dutch chocolate producer who lost his final letter.

7. If you drop the same letter from this name, the name of a mathematician remains.

8. His length is indeed what it sounds like.

9. The incomplete start of a James Bond film?

10. Relative of a fast former world champion?

11. Likes cycling to the top of the Dutch mountains (or even higher).

12. Dutchman between prince and count.

13. Not more than once in a different language.

14. His length is not what it sounds like (in the same language).

15. Small town guy.


Caspar Croonen was the winner of the previous puzzle. The optimal way of valuing the six bank notes is as follows: 1, 5, 25, 125, 625 and 3125. As a reward, he can come and pick up a crate of beer or a pie at room E1.10.