The Kayak Riddle

On a beautiful holiday in the near future, Anna, Bobby, Cindy and Dick, a group of friends, decided that the weather is perfect to go kayaking. Unfortunately, they are not the only ones with this idea. The only company that rents kayaks in the neighborhood has only two kayaks left. After a small discussion, the group decides to take the offer of renting two kayaks. Due to upcoming reservations the group has only one hour to retrieve the two kayaks. In the neighbourhood there is an island which they want to visit. However, considering the limited amount of time, they argue whether it is worth the effort to visit the island. Anne and Bobby, the two more experienced kayakers, can get to the island in 1 minute and 2 minutes respectively. Cindy says she can do it in 5 minutes. Dick is the slowest of the group and needs 10 minutes to get to the island. Bobby claims that he knows a strategy in which they can spend 26 minutes on the island together. Validate that his theory is correct. The following additional information is known:

  • A kayak can only transport one person at the same time, otherwise the kayak sinks.
  • A person can take one extra kayak with him without someone in that kayak. The traveling time is not affected by this.

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