“You should have been there”

After doing four committees in two years I felt really at the right place in Astrics. Doing a board year was a logical step for me. Before I made the decision to apply for the board, I had a lot of useful conversations with Old board members. All to make sure that I knew what to expect and if a board year would fit me. So before I started, I knew that it would be a very busy but exciting year. And actually, this exactly became true so far. However, it all turned out in a more extreme way. Of course I could tell you in this article how amazing everything is and about all unforgettable nights out, but this all had a downside for me as well. I would like to try to give you an insight in both. Text by: Britte Kragten – Internal Affairs 2019-2020

When the first semester started, my agenda was immediately filled every night with constitution drinks of other departments. And from this point on, my weeks will be busy till the next summer holiday. They are filled, but all with nights full of fun. However, when all your nights are planned with social activities for three months ahead your freedom to plan spontaneous activities with friends, your boyfriend, family or roommates decreases a lot. And beforehand, you forgot that you need some time and rest during a week for yourself as well.
Starting my board year, I knew that a too busy agenda was one of the points I had to deal with. Nevertheless, this was a bigger deal then I thought. Not only were the evenings sometimes overfilled, but the days themselves were as well. These aspects of a board year gave me a lot of struggles. While the year is only halfway passed as of now, it has already taught me some wise lessons. FOMO, Fear Of Missing Out, was something I definitely had (or maybe still have). The board year forced me to attend every event we organize in addition to all the side activities. Because of this I learned that it is okay if you sometimes do not show up to an event. Therefore I made a lot of choices this year considering attending events and working hours, which maybe weren’t always the most logical for the outside world and which did not make everyone happy. However, these choices were the right for me, and I am proud that I made them!

The beginning of the academic year also meant the comeback of all our members after their holidays. As an Internal Affairs, it would not surprise you if I’d say I really liked that. Of course I was an active member before, so I had some expectations of the member side of a board year as well, but this all exceeded my expectations. We as a board work one year full time to make sure the association is doing well. However, it is the enthusiasm of so much members which keeps the association going. This involvement of our members turned out to be the most wonderful during my board year!
As a board, you are in the center of all social matters for a year, and you speak with a lot of people which you might not have spoken in other circumstances. Learning about them, their backgrounds and why they are doing what they are doing is very valuable to me. On the other hand, I deeply appreciate how they are so involved with us as a board as well. You celebrate your successes with them, for example the organization of the first edition of Hackathon Tilburg which, despite the setbacks, turned out to be a great day. However, when everything goes wrong, you can still rely on your members. As was the case with our committee activity of the Connection Day, where I couldn’t make it even though it was planned for months. So a special thanks to all our members, as you all made my year very special!

This year, filled with a lot of events and social contact, gave me insights in being alone and what is important for me in a hard way. Besides that it gave me a lot of unforgettable moments, mostly at the days where I did not expect them.
The Chipsoft Christmas Dinner was one of them. After a very full and busy week, I travelled, nicely dressed, with Ricardo to Amsterdam. When we arrived, we entered a dinner where the employees were dressed in long glitter gala dresses. Luxury fish and meat was served during the dinner and the wine was poured with a high speed. You can image that it was a night to remember.
Another moment was the LEST: Landelijke Econometristen Sport Toernooi. The whole day we played sports in the rain so we all were wet and cold. During the afterparty I sneaked to an empty room of the pub with three members where we created our own party and played a self-conceived, somewhat stupid game. Everyone who would have seen us would though that we were crazy, but we had great night.

Most of my time I spent at the rooms in the esplanade building, where actually the most spontaneous and special moments occur. With my toothbrush and slippers available there, this place became sort of a second home.Of all those moments, I can only say you should have been there to understand what I mean. And I think the same holds for a board year itself. It has an intensity that I cannot describe.

I can show you my calendar with all my activities, however it is not these daily businesses that make my year unique, but all the small details you come across every day. I started this year with a certain drive to improve this association and to have an unforgettable year full of fun. Regardless of the fact that so far was not always easy for me, my drive for this association is still there and my Astrics blue heart is bluer than ever before!