A Board Year in Food

One of the concerns when considering a board year, as girly as it might be, is the fact that you might become chubby, full-figured or just simply fat. Some people will truly gain some weight during a board year but let me shed some light upon a board’s diet by taking you through my board year.

The unofficial start of my board year was when I had the opportunity to go to the Faculty Club together with Bas and get a free dinner there. It was an event especially organized for board members, and although I was very seriously considering becoming one at that time, I was not a board member yet. Bas and I went there because the board of last year was not able to go and we were considering that location for the Business Dinner. It already felt like Bas and I were a sort of team: eating and chatting with people who actually were board members. This feeling even lasted when he poured wine over me that same evening.

A board year officially starts after the DMM (Department Members Meeting) and from that moment on you are responsible for just about everything within Asset | Econometrics. I never thought that saying a few sentences in English could make me so nervous, but I honestly was worried that I would forget to mention a committee I would be coordinating or something like that. Although I would normally never pass down a cherry turnover, this time I skipped it; partially because I was nervous, but more importantly I was still a bit ill and was living on drugs. At our second DMM I therefore enjoyed this cherry treat even more.

At the beginning of our board year we planned dinners with all other board members of Asset. This was more of a challenge than I had expected, for it resulted in some epic failures, such as burning spaghetti. Let me explain how this can happen; it is actually really simple, you just put all the spaghetti into a pan with hot water and then you do not stir, I repeat do not stir. There have been some successes as well, for example I have learned a great recipe for a stew from Bas.

During this year we have been spoiled by all our active members, for they have all made delicious dinners for us. Some of them have even made homemade pie, muffins and provided us with lunch, all for the committee ranking. So a big thank you for all the active members who have tried to make us happy and fat. I have truly enjoyed every bite of it. Nothing warms the heart of a board member more than when you do your utmost best to make a special meal for us.

Something that surprised me was the amount of pizza I have eaten this year. At almost every activity with Asset or other board members, or just at random other times, we have eaten pizza. Another thing that I cannot wrap my head around is the amount of ‘broodje kroket’ I could have eaten, since every beer equals one of these. This amount is quite disturbing, so I have learned not to think about this too much.

Overall, my eating habits could have been better this year, since I have more than once enjoyed joining Cleo in one of her unhealthy escapades. Something as simple as eating breakfast and lunch gets easily forgotten when you are busy. Do not worry too much however, for luckily I still fit into my board suit, so the damage seems to be limited.

Text by: Roxanne Beerkens