Different views

On Saturday we all gathered, with a really really big hangover, at 10.00 hours to visit the War Memorial. This, both interior and exterior, museum is dedicated to the Korean War and honors all the soldiers, from all countries, who have fought and died during the war. 
Text by: Max Wilke 

At the museum, we were told a lot of information and saw different beautiful statues. After the tour, everyone was given some spare time to see the museum.


Next, we went to the N-Seoul tower. This observation tower is iconic in Seoul and at 236 meters, it marks the second highest point in Seoul. Half of the group went by cable car to the tower, and the other half hiked there. At 17.30 hours, we finally went into the tower. We had a beautiful overview of Seoul during daylight, sunset and night! After the beautiful views, we went back to Hongdae and everyone enjoyed there free evening in their own ways!