Who is the fastest econometrician?

After an intensive year of studying, working, keeping up your social life, et cetera, it is now time for some relaxation during the holiday. Nekst provided you with a puzzle about five econometricians participating in the Batavierenrace. So grab a pen and paper and enjoy yourself with solving this puzzle while lying in your most comfortable lazy chair!Five students from Asset | Econometrics take part in the Batavierenrace. For the sake of easiness, call them A, B, C, D and E. One prediction was that the contestants would finish in the order ABCDE. This prediction turned out to be very poor. In fact, no contestant finished in the position prediction, and no two contestants predicted to finish consecutively actually did so. A second prediction had the contestants finishing in the order DAECB. This prediction was better. Exactly two of the contestant finished in the places predicted, and two disjoint pairs of students predicted to finish consecutively actually did so. The question is to determine the order in which the contestants finished.
Please send your solution to Nekst@Asset-Econometrics.nl before October 1, 2013. A crate of beer or a delicious pie, whichever the winner prefers, will be waiting for whoever has the best (partial) solution. Please note that as before, every recipient of this magazine is eligible to send in their solution, so members of the department are invited to participate as well. Good luck!