Economic Business weeks Tilburg 2016

Tilburg University provides you with whatever you need for your academic career. With this academic excellence, companies are waiting in line to hire you: an econometrician. The prospect of having a luxurious position on the job market might be very comforting, but there is a lesson to be learned. While finding a job might not be so challenging, finding a job that suits you best and challenges you to your extend is. The Economic Business weeks Tilburg (EBT) offers several opportunities to get in touch with and to get to know renowned (international) companies. The EBT might link you to your dream job, or might create new dreams. From April 11 until 22, the EBT provides a large range of activities such that you can prepare today and stand out tomorrow.

A lot of students do not know what company they would like to work for or what industry they are interested in. It is therefore very important, as an econometrician, to attend career-events and focus on your future. The EBT provides you with this opportunity. During the first week of the EBT, there will be the FrieslandCampina Case Day in which you will get to know the company both formally and informally. Another company that needs to be highlighted is Anago, as they are solely interested in you. If you are not looking for a career in the set paths, you should definitely pay attention to this firm. Anago is a small software company located in Den Bosch specialized in creating smart-planning solutions for Resource Management. They offer you a chance to get a glimpse inside their work on April 15. During our InBrabant Day, they will open their doors with a special program all set up for you.

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During the second week of the EBT the Company Days will take place. Are you interested in the field of consultancy? Find out more during Workshops from Accenture, The Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte or Roland Berger. Discover opportunities during a twenty-minute Individual Conversation with SeederDeBoer or Rebel. Do you see yourself working for a bank? Attend Workshops provided by De Nederlandsche Bank, Kempen & Co or Van Lanschot. See all options during a one-to-one conversation with ING or SNS Bank. Visit activities from Delta Lloyd, Achmea and VIVAT Verzekeringen to see what it is like to work at a large insurance or pension fund company. You can also just simply orientate yourself during a company presentation by one of the 44 participating companies.

To be able to stand out during application procedures, you should be prepared. The EBT offers, besides a link to the business world, training sessions in personal development and assessment. On April 13, the Personal Development Day will take place, in which you are able to attend several training sessions such as Personal Branding and Assertiveness. During the Assessment Day, companies will give you insight in what is needed for application procedures.

This all is just a small set of all the activities during the Economic Business weeks Tilburg. If you want to learn more about the CV and LinkedIn Checks or Asset Conference, do not hesitate to visit our website: www.ebtilburg,nl, and make sure you subscribe here before March 3. You can register from Monday February 15 onwards. If you want to kick start your career during the EBT, subscribe for the EBT and start connecting. See you in April!

Text by: Esmee Lucassen