(Hip-)Hopping on a Plane

From her early youth, Judith Brugman has been competing in showdance competitions with Let’s Dance in her hometown. Since the start of her studies in Tilburg, she has joined another dance team: a hiphop crew this time. For most of us, it would be either one or the other; not for Judith. In addition to her already busy first year of studies, she juggles multiple  training sessions every week and frequently travels to distant corners of the country for dancing contests; she has even started to check out the international competition!

This all sounded very interesting to the editorial staff of Nekst, and hence an interview with Judith was scheduled. If you want to know all about the fierce competition in hiphop, international contests and all the plans of Judith for the future, read the interview in Nekst 4 of 2015-2016 (which can also be viewed in our online archive). However, it is clear that a video explains so much more about the passion of Judith than an interview or pictures can, so have a look yourself at the video below!


Photo credit photo on top: Maarten Zumbrink