Mexico city Grand Prix

Last sunday the Grand Prix of Mexico City took place. After a lot of weeks struggling with getting not too expensive tickets, we decided to go to the F1 Fanzone somewhere else in the city. Written by: Robert Poos

Our preparations for the race to be a real Max Verstappen fan were done by the schmink talents of our Limbo’s Annabel and Karlijn. This schmink was sometimes so good that the flag and the number 33 could be seen on my cheek for many days after the race.

After a little pitstop at the beautiful Palice of Bellas artes and the postoffice that looked like Harry Potter, we traveled with some Ubers to the fanzone.

There was way more stuff to do at the fanzone than only looking at the GP on a big screen. By practising with pitstops some of us decided to make a carriere switch, while others were happy to be an econometrician.

Since Max started very poor, we got to see a lot of nice overtakes during the race. We yelled for Max of course and our enthousiasm was spotted by all the Mexican people. They only wanted to film and make pictures of us. Unfortunately they tought that our flags where french flags instead of dutch.

It was very sad that Max didn’t get a top 3 place. The sadness didn’t take a long time after drinking some nice drinks at our rooftop bar in the hostel. It was once again a really nice day!